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Standards Based Reports

Standards Based Reports

Conotton Valley has switched to Standards-Based Grading this year. By using  a standards based grading and reporting system, we are following the results of educational research and best practice. Standards-based instruction has the potential to provide a rich array of information on a student’s academic progress.

Standards-based Grading may help you have a better understanding of what specifically your child is struggling with. There are 4 marks the students can receive for each standard: Needs Improvement, Approaching, Mastered, and Exceeds. Needs Improvement means exactly what it says, the student needs improvement in that particular area. Approaching means the student is working towards a complete understanding of the topic, Mastered means that the student has mastered the standard, Exceeds is reserved for those students who are working above and beyond the standard for that grade level.

This is a change in thinking, by making this transition you and your student will have a better understanding of their grade and exactly where they can improve.

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2018 CV Teen Roadeo team

2018 CV Teen Roadeo team

2018 CV Teen Roadeo team they are L-R Back Row: Kayleigh Toot, Gavin Smalley-Perko, Sydney Lyon, Garrett George, and Kristopher Hostetler Front Row: Jerryca Erwin - Renicker.

The Teen Driving Roadeo is comprised of a written test and a driving test, as well. All members of the team competed against 4 other teams in both areas. Jerryca Erwin-Renicker was the top score for the backing and lane change in the obstacle course. She won a $50 gas card.

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2018- 2019 Elementary School Supply List

2018- 2019 Elementary School Supply List

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