Grit- mental and physical toughness, determination, perseverance, the drive to finish the task.

During the 2013-14 school year, the high school staff adopted “grit” as our focus. A building goals committee completed the task of creating our vision statement. It is our hope that Conotton Valley stakeholders will embrace this vision and focus all efforts toward the same end. We envision every activity involving the three branches to require the same emphasis on our goal of “grit”.

The three branches of CV are: Classroom, Community and Career. Our desire is that Conotton Valley staff, students and supporters will ensure that every effort is directed towards attaining GRIT.


Responsible decisions

Intentional actions

Tested results

We are dedicated to place our students in a challenging and comfortable environment. The success and safety of your child is our highest priority.

As the year progresses, I encourage you to get to a game as our athletes are in the midst of their seasons. I hope that you will join us in our vision of attaining and maintaining GRIT.

Go Rockets!

Todd Herman
CVHS Principal

Conotton Valley High School
21st Century Grant Student Enrollment Form - Grades 5-12
At the bottom of this message, you will find the student enrollment form for the before or after school program supported by the 21st Century Grant. Please fill this out for students in grades 5-12 who are interested in participating in the program. Note in the additional comments area if it is the before (ACT Prep) or after school (tutoring/enrichment) program that you are interested in. Return the form to your high school secretary or to the administrative office by Friday, October 3rd.

Please click the following link for the Student Enrollment Form
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